Thursday, 29 December 2011

WPC Part13 - Innovatives, Japanese Number Castle

I can't give so many information about this puzzle. When I created some Invasion puzzles (Part2, Puzzle 9) I recognised that I can use these shapes as building blocks.
My first puzzle was too hard, so I created an easier, and we used that on the WPC. Now I publish the first one.

Japanese Number Castle

Build a single connected castle from the given building blocks, according to the following rules. Triangle shaped blocks are fully supported from below (a triangle does not provide support upwards). Right triangles have both their legs either connecting to other building blocks or stand on the ground. Right triangles may be rotated any possible way, while equilateral triangles can only be built in as roofs, i.e. being fully supported from below.

Numbers outside the grid denote block groups in that row/column and the value of each such block. Two blocks are separated by at least one completely empty cell.

pic name

pic name

pic name

One more puzzle from this genre from Palmer Mebane: WPC practise puzzles.

Don't forget the Christmas Contest is still running until 6th of January. You can find the puzzles in the previous post.
I hope I will get some submissions in this week :)

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