Thursday, 8 December 2011

WPC Part2 - Assorted puzzles, Banknotes

In this week I choosed a simple puzzle. The Banknotes is one of my favourite puzzles.
When I started the puzzle solving there weren't so many puzzle site than now.
Mayba Erich Friedman's site was the most popular, leastwise in Hungary.

In the last year I rediscovered this site. I tried to solve the puzzles again which I loved many years ago. One of these was the Banknotes.

Locate five 1x3 banknotes in the grid, without overlapping each other. Banknotes have different values from 1 to 5. Clues outside the grid indicate the sum of all banknotes in the corresponding direction.

pic name

pic name

I always liked the small grids with different difficulty.The other good property of this genre is that it is solvable logically in the most cases.
I tried to propagate this puzzle in the last two year. I put some puzzle into the WPC program, but this was just the last step. Earlier I put two puzzles to my 24 hours puzzle set. I sent more puzzles for the Akil Oyunlari magazine, and I created a full page for my hungarian logic puzzle site.
9 puzzles, all of them solvable without trial-and-errors method.
Banknotes puzzles

I solved my puzzles again, and it was a hard choice, but the nr.590 is my favourite.

I hope you will like this genre as me. Have fun!

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  1. Interesting.This is a form of capsules.Nice one.Hope you will post more banknotes.