Thursday, 1 December 2011

About the blog

Dear Reader!

Just some words about my aim with this blog.
I would like to provide puzzles which are similar than I created for the WPC (and WSC). I want to share a part of WPC-experience with this puzzles.
I will comment the puzzles and rounds as well.

I hope this will be interesting and I can help to understand the working of a WPC and the organization of a WPC.

If you have opinion about the blog, the puzzles or my theories please dont hesitate and shere with us :)

About me:
My name is Zoltán Horváth (On the internet I use the Valezius nickname.) and I am one of the puzzlemakers and organizor of the last WSC/WPC.
I started the puzzle solving in 1999 when I was 13, and I created my first puzzle set in 2001 for the 2nd 24hours championship.
I created puzzles for a hungarian magazine until 2009.
Now you can find my puzzles in various places.
For instance in the Akil Oyunlari, or on the Puzzle Picnic site.
I have a hungarian puzzle site with more than 800 puzzles from hungarian puzzle makers:
and a new hungarian sudoku blog:

I will upload a new post on every Thursday which contain my puzzle. And sometimes there will be an other post with guest puzzles on various days.

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