Thursday, 24 April 2014

nr. 956 - Yin and Yang

Another puzzle which originally I wanted to make for the team game. It's solvable logically, but enough hard. The second version was much easier and maybe it has a bit nicer design.

Rules: Yin and Yang

Place a black circle or a white circle into every empty cell so that all cells with black circles form a connected area and all cells with white circles also form a connected area. Circles in an area of 2x2 cells cannot all have the same colour.

Monday, 21 April 2014

nr. 957 - Regional Akari

Since my first Akari was too hard I tried to make an easier one. In this puzzle the main step is finding cells that can be lighted from only one region. So I used less number of regions, and I expected that then the puzzle will be easier. According to Bram this puzzle has similar difficulty then the privious one.

I used a bit different layout to emphasize the regular form of regions.
If you want to solve my last and easiest Regional Akari puzzle you can find it in the Team round file.

Rules for Regional Akari

Saturday, 19 April 2014

nr. 958 - Regional Akari

Another extra puzzle from the team game of Polish Championship.
Bram chose me this genre, as well. I haven't created any Akari variation before, so it was an intresting challange. This was the first attempt, but the puzzle was too hard for the competetion.

Rules for Regional Akari

Rules: Regional Akari

Place one lightbulb in each blackbordered region, so that every cell in the grid is illuminated by at least one lightbulb. Lightbulbs illuminate all cells they can see in a horizontal and vertical direction. Black cells block their sight. No two lightbulbs can illuminate eachother.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

nr. 959 - Haido

I took part in Polish Sudoku and Puzzle Championship last weekend.
And Bram and me made a team round for this event. Every information about this round is found here.
Including my puzzles which I won't post here.

As Bram mention it in his post we played a game. I chose 8 puzzle types for him, and he did the same. So I had to make a Haid puzzle. I like skyscraper puzzles, it was intresting to make a puzzle from this relatively new, but simple variation.

I had some problems with finding a nice design, finally I just made a simple symmetrical puzzle. I made this hard puzzle while trying to make an enough easy for the competition :)

Rules for Haido

Rules: Haido

This is a Skyscrapers variation.

Place the digits in the given range once in every row and column. The digits represent skyscrapers of that height. The clues on the outside indicate that the building of this height is visible in that row or column from that side. Larger skyscrapers block the view of smaller ones.