Thursday, 5 January 2012

WPC Part5 - Evergreens, Fences

First of all
Happy New Year!

I didn't created happy new year puzzles for this blog, but I published a 2012 Sudoku on my sudoku blog.
Happy New Year Sudoku

And now back to the puzzles.
As I have already written the Evergreens round contains well-known genres, but we puzzles are more or less special. Hence, this round provide me good topics for my blog. I will show many ideas of us.
Other thing is I can't write 30-40 posts about my puzzles, but this isn't necessary because I wasn't the only puzzlemaker on the WSC/WPC. So the puzzles will come from an other author on every 3rd week.

Draw a single continuous loop into the grid, travelling horizontally and vertically through some of the dots given. Numbers denote how many sides of the square containing the number are occupied by the loop.

Puzzle by Pál Madarassy

Actually this puzzle is a Maze, I created a smaller puzzle to show this. I transformed this puzzle a little, you can see the results on the right side.

pic name
pic name

The zeros means walls, and you have to find the unique loop in this maze puzzle.  The solution:

The WPC puzzle was a bit different, it contains two pieces 1 and a lot of 0s. Pál chose that version because it is more than a simple labyrinth, even so the Fences was (one of) the easiest puzzle in this round, 120 competitors solved it.

My thinking is really abstract hence I can imagine a 1-point loop. In this case this puzzle have many solutions, but the WPC puzzle is unique because of the given 1s. I think that puzzle was better choice.


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