Monday, 9 January 2012

Results of Christmas Contest

I finished the checking of given solutions, so I can publish the results.

I got answers from 15 people, what is very good me, because I had to examine the answers manually :-)
10 of them solved all 8 puzzles (in ABC order):

Emma, Euklid, mucha, Nikola, Para, Puzzlemad, PuzzleScot, Sknight, wicktroll, yureklis

5 of them finished the competition with less than 8 puzzles, the number between the brackets show the number of puzzles :

andozso (7), Anti (7), Zorant (7), sf2l (6), debmohanty (4)

I'm really happy that there were some female competitor on the contest, and 3 player from Hungary.

Thank you to everybody for playing and for the useful comments.

Finally I would like to render thanks to Pál Madarassy, who checked these puzzles.

The puzzles still remain available.

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