Sunday, 22 January 2012

WPC Part4 - Borderless, Japanese Islands

I'm sorry this late post, I hope I can write the next on Thursday, again.

The Borderless part was an idea of Pál Madarassy, and he created all puzzles of the round. I supported the idea, bacause we already had a round with Star Battle's varitions. And an other which contains just one puzzle type. The Borderless idea was something else. 
I solved exactly two Borderless puzzles earlier. These were the Borderless Tapa from TVC V. In this puzzles the clues were inside the grid, and the soze of hidden grid were given. I liked better this form, and I created some puzzles. However we both agreed that we didn't want to mix the 2 different stlye.

Eventually, Palmer Mebane won this round with 295 points from 430, which isn't so low. So we can be pleasent. But in my opinion, unfortunately too many solvers finished this round with 0 points.

Borderless Japanese Islands

Each given number is part of an island of that size. These islands aren't allowed to touch each other, not even diagonally.

However, you don't have to use the full grid. An 8x8 grid is hidden in the given 10x10 grid. Find the location of 8x8 grid, and solve the puzzle. The clues outside the grid will not be valid.
(The islands can touch the outside clues.)

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