Thursday, 16 February 2012

Results of WSC/WPC Play Off and Puzzles of 24HPC

Unfortunately I have nothing spare time nowadays. So I cannot provide new puzzles for a while.
This is an unexpected change in my life.

I assume not many people check the official site of WSC/WPC regularly.

Some new things are available.
The detailed result of Play Offs.

And all puzzles of the 24 hours championship. I recommend my two sudokus from the test.
The Jumping sudoku is a wild variation. It was clear that we wouldn't use it on the WSC. And I didn't want to use it on the WPC.
The other one is a Triangle Sums sudoku. This type played on the WSC, but that puzzle was easier than this one. Hence I put 3 numbers into the grid. But the puzzle has unique solution without those.

Have for for the puzzles!

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