Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas special

This small Christmas Contest contains eight different puzzles with similar looks.
I found this puzzle types in the following puzzle blogs:
Para's Puzzle Site
The diary of a puzzlemaker

If you don't know the corresponding puzzle type, click to its name and you can read the rules. And you can find more puzzles from this types on those blogs.

You can send me the answer with using the application form on the bottom of page.
In each puzzle the solution code is the two main diagonals. I have no requirements you can use whatever format, what I can understand. Please use a simple and meaning answer system.
Filling of email address and rating is optional. If you provide me an email address I can reply you, if your answer is wrong.
I'd appreciate that you fill the rating rows.

NOTE: The formhas dead after some days, and I don't know why. You can send me your solutions in email:[at]gmail[dot]com
You can send more solutions in one letter.
The suggested form is:

Top-left to bottom-right diagonal:
Bottom-left to top-right diagonal:
Email address:
Difficulty: Very easy, Easy, Avarage, Hard, Very hard
The puzzle is: Very nice, Nice, Avarage, Not very nice, Not nice at all

There is no price, but I will create a glory wall for participants.
The long of the contest is two weeks. Last submission is possible on 6th of January, 2012.


All puzzles in pdf format.

LITSRipple Effect

pic name


pic name

Double BackDouble Back Tapa

pic name

Pentomino AreasStar Battle (with 2 stars)

pic name


  1. Star battle is the most pleasing construction out of these.
    Pentomino areas has a smooth solve too.

  2. Nice set of the same theme with some not so common types (at least for me).
    Pentomino areas, Double back and Ripple effect are the top 3 for me.