Sunday, 11 May 2014

nr. 953 - Year of Snake

Normally the Hungarian Puzzle Championship consists of 3 rounds. 2 mix. For instanced Classic and less Classic and a bit special. I made this puzzle in 2011, a combined snake puzzle.

 It was 50 minutes long and 4 people could finish it. Don't forget that the best Hungarian solvers didn't participate, because they made puzzles for WPC.

I tried to construct it so that many partial points are available. I think it was an enjoyable round, at least for those who like snake puzzles :)
The puzzle and its example are found in pdf.
I don't publish the solution of example puzzle this time.

Thanks to Zoltan Nemeth for translating.

This round consists of 6+1 Snake puzzles. The six puzzles in coloured grids can be solved on their own. Solving any two adjacent coloured grids allows for the white area between them to be solved.                                                   
Top left and bottom right puzzles                               
Classic snake              
"Basic snake rules: Draw a snake into the grid which consists of horizontal and vertical segments, never crosses itself and never touches itself, not even diagonally. The head and tail are given as grey circles. The snake avoids black cells.

Classic snake rules: Numbers around the grid indicate the number of cells occupied by the snake in the given row/column."                               
In the sample, top left and bottom right puzzles are classic snakes.                               
Top centre and bottom centre puzzles                               
Finnish snake       
Basic snake rules apply. The snake goes through all white circles.                               
In the sample, bottom left puzzle is Finnish snake.                               
Top right and bottom left puzzles                               
Graffiti snake     
Basic snake rules apply. Number groups around the grid denote the cell groups in the given row/column that the snake does NOT occupy, in the order they appear.                                
In the sample, top right puzzle is Graffiti Snake.                               
White puzzle                               
Minesweeper snake       
The snakes in the six coloured puzzles are all parts of a giant snake.                               
The giant snake's head and tail are given as grey circles in the middle white zone. It enters and exits the coloured puzzles at the grey circles (i.e. the heads and tails of the small snakes).                               
In other words, the giant snake can cross the dotted boundary lines but not the thick ones.                               
Basic snake rules apply to the giant snake. The no-touch rule applies even if one segment is in a coloured area and the other in a white one. There may be multiple segments of the giant snake in the white area.                               
Numbers written into the black squares denote the number of cells occupied by the snake (out of the 8 surrounding cells connected horizontally, vertically or diagonally).                               
No such minesweeper clues are located adjacent to any of the coloured puzzles, therefore they do not provide information to the small snakes. This applies to both the sample puzzle and the competition puzzle.                       

Year of snake in pdf

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