Tuesday, 16 April 2013

nr. 983: Lakes

The second puzzle is a Nurikabe variation.

Rules for Nurikabe
In this variation there isn't extra rule about the painted squares. They can contain 2x2 area and they don't have to be connected.

Nurikabe has a lot of names. One of them is the Stream Islands (Puzzle Picnic). It is a good name, because the painted squares form a river. Now they are just separeated parts hence I use the Lakes title. (I don't know if the puzzle variation has a regular English title.)

This is a common puzzle type in the Dutch puzzle magazine, Breinbrekers. The size is always huge, but the puzzles are really easy. This puzzle is the counterpoint of that style :)

If you liked this puzzle, you can solve some of my old puzzles from the genre here.

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