Friday, 19 April 2013

nr. 980 - Dutch loop

Friday puzzle is a Masyu version. In the Masyu the black circles provide strong starting points. In this variation the rules are weeker.

I can't explain the puzzle name. It appeared in a Hungarian puzzle book (published in 2001) under this name. So normally I use this title.

Rules for Dutch loop


  1. It might be that this genre appeared in the first Dutch WPC in Utrecht. It was a frequent puzzle in Breinbrekers, but not so much anymore. I still prefer the Dutch layout with the grey cells instead of black circles, to put it away from Masyu.

  2. Yes, it is highly probable, because the author of the book was a participiant of that WPC.
    It is interesting that originally there were empty cells in the grid. But the puzzles in Breinbrekers, that I have seen, used all squares.