Friday, 15 February 2013

nr. 989 - Total False Tapa

Friday's puzzle is a Total False Tapa. You can see in the Tapa Variations List that this was my idea. But I can't say that this is my invention. Because I've never created any puzzle and I didn't tested the rules until now.  The only exception was the sample puzzle which I sent to Serkan, but it has more solutions...

Nevertheless this puzzle seems elegant,  the creating was a challenge. But the solving method isn't really nice. In general, I think it is better to create a puzzle which isn't symmetric and isn't nice but the solving is fun, not just the creating.

Rules for Tapa

Rules for Total False Tapa

Follow Classic Tapa rules. Additionally all clues are wrong. Both the given digits as the amount of given digits is wrong. Correct clues can't contain zeros.

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