Sunday, 24 February 2013

nr. 987 - Fifty-fifty

Puzzle Marathon starts on LMI next Friday. I created a puzzle for the competition and now I publish a practise puzzle for those who doesn't know this type really well, yet. And those who loves this puzzle type. :-)

Rules for Fifty-fifty

Answer key: Starting with A, for each letter, enter 1 if the triangle is painted, 0 otherwise. (This is same with the answer format of the competition.)



  1. Do you have any advice for this type? the entire time, I could only find three different types of steps I could take:

    1. This one has three blacks, so I can circle the other three

    2. This one has three whites, so I can shade the other three

    3. There must be three blacks out of these four, and there can only be one in these two spaces, so I can shade the other two.

    Basically, I couldn't find many types of logic steps to use. What, if anything, am i missing?

  2. Hi Zachary,

    Your 3rd solving tip is right, but don't forget that in this case you can mark 2 empty cells in the connected hexa.

    Here is a picture about the 4th solving tip.

    I hope it helps. There is at least one more place in the grid where you can use this trick.

    These 4 tricks and some thinking will be enough to solve this puzzle. :)