Friday, 9 November 2012

nr.996 - Domino Figure

Originally I created this puzzle for the Hungarian Puzzle Championship. But finally I didn't use it. I had no intention of making a hard puzzle which nobody would solve. So I added some basic steps during the creation. Now I changed a little this puzzle, I eliminated some clues and added some new. 
I don't think it is possible to solve without trial & error, but I used this tecnique two times during the testing and botf of them were pretty trivial. Nevertheless this is a hard puzzle, not for me who know really well this grid-form but for many puzzlers.  I think this, because one of the test solvers couldn't solve the original version.

Rules: The grid was built up of the given set of dominoes. Unfortunately the numbers have been erased. Numbers around the figure reveal what numbers are there on the domino halves in the given row or column. Find out the original arrangement.


  1. I liked this layout a lot. But solving the easier version didn't help me that much, besides seeing the one layout related step.

  2. Thanks, this is my favourite layout, as well.
    I didn't change the opening. There is something logical in this puzzle. I wanted to continue the creation with logical steps, but the grid is too small, so when I added a logical step it became too easy for me :)
    I chose that I minimise the number of further clues.