Sunday, 18 November 2012

nr. 995 - WPC2012 Part 5 - Black and White, Paint-by-Frame

Here is one more practise puzzle from the WPC. It was one of the hardest puzzles for 20 points. So this was a useful practise puzzle. Moreover this genre deserved a 2nd practise puzzle, too. :-)

Indeed, the puzzle on the championship was large and hard. But I solved it. And I chose this genre in the playoff against Thomas. According to his report I had some luck, and I won that puzzle. So I like this genre :-)

Rules: Paint some cells black. Numbers on the outside indicate the amount of cells that are framed by the other colour in that row or column. Framed cells do not need to be consecutive.

(Example from Para's Puzzle Site, sorry for the different form.)

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