Sunday, 8 June 2014

nr. 947 - Radar

Radar is one of my favourite puzzles. It's a well-known genre, but it's not especially popular recently.  Hence I will publish some puzzles, and I will share some solving tips.

I was thinking when I can say that this is a trick of the puzzle types.
I think  anything that more then a simple deduction is trick or pattern.

Such as in a Yin and Yang puzzle when in a 2x2 area there are 3 white circles then the 4th is black is just a simple deduction. But the edge connection is a trick.
Of course it is consequence of rules, so it is a logical deduction, but not a simple deduction.
My first 4 Yin and Yang puzzle on the Beginner Contest were solvable without any trick, but it is more faster if you use the tricks in trivial puzzle too.

Today I publish the 0th puzzle of the series. I call it 0th puzzle because it is solvable with simple deductions.

For example if there are N empty cells in a row, and it is required to fill N-1, then it is a simple deduction that the 2nd cell from the side cannot be empty.
Or if the clue is 3, then there is only one cloud in that row which is 3 cells width.

Normally I like creating 10x10 puzzles without given cloud parts. But when I make a trickless one, it is better to give some elements and to use a bigger size.

Rules for Radar

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